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Update your wallet software

We have applied a batch of wallet software updates on our servers with the latest versions of them. You are advised to update your local client softwares too;  Darkcoin 9.10.2 -  Earthcoin 1.3.1 -  Hirocoin -  Litecoin -

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The State of Alternative Cryptocurrency

The State of Alternative Cryptocurrency: An Introduction to the Alternative Cryptocurrency Scene, Its Inner Workings & NobleCoin Moving Forward A Quote from the Founder: Please let me state I am not good at arguing...

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Noblecoin Block Finder Bonus on!

We have set block-finder bonus for our Noblecoin pool!  From now own, the block-finders will be getting additional 25 NOBL’s credited to their account! Hop into our pool to start claiming your bonus NOBL’s!

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New Noblecoin pool up!

We have opened a Noblecoin pool -  Stratum EU: stratum+tcp://  Stratum US: stratum+tcp:// PORT: 3342 Username: Weblogin.Worker Password: Worker Password What is Noblecoin?   About Noblecoin Scrypt-based 60 second block target Difficulty re-targets every block (multipool...