New Noblecoin pool up!

We have opened a Noblecoin pool -

 Stratum EU: stratum+tcp://
 Stratum US: stratum+tcp://
PORT: 3342
Username: Weblogin.Worker
Password: Worker Password

What is Noblecoin?


About Noblecoin

  • Scrypt-based
  • 60 second block target
  • Difficulty re-targets every block (multipool resistant - like Kimoto’s Gravity Well)
  • 2,629,745,000 coins first 12 months
  • 5,000 coin block payout (12-24 months: 2,500, 24-36 months: 1,250)
  • Supports transaction messages
  • 30 confirmations required for mined blocks
  • 5 confirmations required for transactions
  • Transaction time of less than 30 seconds (often less than 10 seconds)



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