New front-end online!


For the last month, we have been working on our custom web software that sums all statistics from our pools stack. As you may know we were already running a simple system over our forums, though to further improve our miners experience, we have developed an improved standalone version from scratch with added features.

The front-page will now list all pools from our network with statistics, revenue, market and profitability data in a quick glance.


Market, Profitability and Exchanges data all together

The new version now features market, profitability and exchange data for coins & pools from our network. Whenever you navigate to details page for a pool, you’ll be able to see very detailed statistics and data about ours pool.



As you can see in above screenshot, the detailed pool page will be rendering the latest best market price data, daily, monthly and yearly price graphs for the coin. Even more, you’ll be able to see a list of exchanges that lists the coin.

Graphs & Statistics for every bit!

We are running our own in-house developed graphs & statistics engine — which basically means that you can check every bit of available information as graphed for different time periods.



Test yourself!

We are proud to be the #1 alt-coin mining network that utilizes it’s own software stack to improve minining experience. On top of that we’ll be soon opening up new alt-coin pools.

Go and navigate now to get started!

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