The State of Alternative Cryptocurrency

The State of Alternative Cryptocurrency: An Introduction to the Alternative Cryptocurrency Scene, Its Inner Workings & NobleCoin Moving Forward

A Quote from the Founder:

Please let me state I am not good at arguing on the spot nor do I enjoy it, this is for informative purposes for those people (very) new to the cryptocurrency scene and those checking out NobleCoin. I try to stay humble but enjoy collecting information and presenting it as best I can, but I do know these are personal opinions and insights and some may not agree with them. A number may attack or criticize, I will take it into consideration but I’ll simply continue to analyse and won’t be snapping back. A number of us have taken an ‘outsiders’ look at cryptocurrency in general rather than putting NobleCoin first in an attempt to stay honest and keep a critical mind. There is also plenty of information for our community on how we want to continue moving forward. No, we’re not happy with the price at all and no we don’t feel like we belong here after three months of staying true to our word and working hard. We’ll continue working hard (and staying true to our word).

We will get a lot of positive and negative feedback for this, but we’re presenting our stance and case moving forward. All the feedback will be taken evenly and added for draft #2 (due in about 2 weeks), which we expect will reach 25,000 words. Feel free to give me a ‘TLDR’ Tongue, but there will be a lot of people who take the things we say here to heart and I think that is important.

Please feel free to share it. There are a lot of newcomers out there (more than you know and when you realise how many it’s scary how many people are being completely ripped off and taken advantage of). I feel it’s a disservice not giving them something that puts all the information on the table and lets them make up their own mind from there. We have a very strong policy of no names nor do we want to call out or police. We just want to provide information. Much of this is common knowledge to insiders, but we’re presenting it here as a resource anyway. There may be some revelations, or there may not be. It might be me blowing hot air but a good part of me doesn’t think that’s the case. Either way I hope it helps everyone who reads it in some way.

With this done we‘ll be releasing more info. on what we’re working on next as well as playing catch-up and making sure every issue raised in PMs before today is addressed.


Download (PDF, 519KB)

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