Important! Moving to new system - withdraw your existing coins!

As explained in our latest progress report, post, we are moving our systems to an easier to manage software stack which instead requires a wallet address instead. We have already moved our lately added pools and successfully running it, we’ll be moving all of our pools.

Why the change?

We have discussed in details here about the change but here is the key-reasons;

  • Easier to manage, will allow us to open more pools
  • Will eventually allow us to implement profit-switch and auto-exchange functionalities.

How the miners will be affected?

  • First, the new system implements a different payment system so once we moved you won’t be able to access our old pools. So basically you have to withdraw your existing coins if exists any.
  • We are moving away from registration based pools, effectively you won’t we registering to our pools on more but will be just supplying a payment wallet address in your mining software configuration.



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7 Responses

  1. jfabritz says:

    How are you going to handle unconfirmed coins that haven’t matured yet? (CAT in particular)

  2. bonesoul says:

    Catcoin is the quite problematic one, I guess we’ll disable mining for a short while for catcoin and let all coin’s get confirmed and then re-start the mining service within the new system.

  3. Titanse says:

    So you will wait for the coins to be confirmed then let us withdraw them?

  4. bonesoul says:

    We’ll disable the catcoin mining service and announce it prior and wait for all the current unconfirmed blocks to get confirmed. You are adviced to set an auto-payment.

  5. DaDoDo says:

    Darn… I actually like the current layout, setup and withdrawal

  6. KaKa says:

    Shoot…. WHEN will this happen and on what day will the old pool be no longer accessible?

  7. bonesoul says:

    Pools will be accessible, we are just changing the payout system. And for each pool we’ll be announcing exact timing like in the digibyte example;

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