Progress Report: New pools, stratum server software!

It has been a week or so after our last progress report, so wanted to update you guys about latest happenings.

Updated software stack

At, we take crypto currencies serious and believe them. So we are trying our best to serve our miners. Additional to our daily maintenance tasks, we are throwing lots of our time to R&D to get the service better.

Until now, our stratum server software stack was hard to maintain, which kept us from opening new pools — as we can’t risk opening more pools than we can maintain and keep the service quality. Lately we were testing a new stratum server software which is now easier to run and maintain and eventually we started moving some of our pools and even added 6 brand new pools (based on our your votes) using it.

Moved pools;

New pools;

No more registrations!

The new system now instead takes your wallet address as your miner username, so you won’t need to register on our pools to start mining. For more details please see our new Getting Started page. Meantime don’t forget to check our new miner software page!

Profit switcher feature!

The latest happenings allowed us to start implementing our profit switcher feature. We are still testing the last few bits, but we can say that it’ll be available very soon!

Moving old pools to new system

As we’ll be opening the profit-switcher ports, we’ll also be moving our old pools to the new system which will require our miners to reconfigure their miner software and supply their wallet address instead of their old username. Meantime, you are advised to withdraw your coins from our old pools as after the move, you won’t be able to access your old accounts. We’ll be announcing the schedule for the move soon.

In-house software: CoiniumServ

Meanwhile we still work on our in-house developed mining server software CoiniumServ — once it’s done and we move it to production, it will allow us to use even more advanced profit-switching & multipool functionalities.

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3 Responses

  1. azhure says:

    i actually love the current system, it allow us monitor our progress and how much money weve made, its basicallymore transparent. in address type system, you really cant blame people if they will start to have doubts

  2. bonesoul says:

    @azhure, we are currently working on our in-house develop stratum server ( which will be also transparent as the old system.

  3. Google says:

    I’d like to find out more? I’d love to find out more details.

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