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Update your wallet software

We have applied a batch of wallet software updates on our servers with the latest versions of them. You are advised to update your local client softwares too;  Darkcoin 9.10.2 -  Earthcoin 1.3.1 -  Hirocoin -  Litecoin -

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Litecoin update: v0.8.7.1

We have updated our Litecoin pool to v0.8.7.1. Please make sure you update your clients too.  The update implements fixes for heart bleed bug and more. You can read the release log over here.

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New Litecoin pool up!

We have opened a Litecoin pool -  Stratum EU: stratum+tcp://  Stratum US: stratum+tcp:// PORT: 3341 Username: Weblogin.Worker Password: Worker Password  What is Litecoin?