Ways to mine Scrypt: Hardware & Alternatives

If you are quite new to the mining scene here is list of ways to get you started mining;

Build your own rig

Given that you have enough knowledge of computers & hardware, you can buy your own parts (GPU’s, CPU, MOBO and so) and assemble your own rig to get started to mining. The most important component is the GPU that’ll directly effect your mining performance so you’ll be most like want to first check the Mining hardware comparison guide here before deciding what to buy.

Then you have to also build a case for your hardware (as mostly likely your system will not fit regular cases). You can either build it using wooden skids;


Also there exists the alternative from Openrigs.com where to they manufacture  read-to-use rig systems from aluminium.


You can check the details of the rig in photos here.

Build a GridSeed Farm

GridSeed.com manifactures ASIC chips targeted for Scrypt mining. You can buy them from different vendors and build your own farm of them.


Here’s a few of the most popular GridSeed verdors that you can buy from;

Buy a custom ASIC

There exists other vendors that develop their own non-gridseed ASIC solutions which can also buy from.


Here’s also a few them that seems most promising;

Rent a rig & hashpower

The easiest alternative is renting rigs from other miners & providers. Here’s again a list of most popular ones;

And don’t forget that you can start mining over our pools once you got your system ready or rent one!

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    Thanks for sharing valuable knowledge Measure For Mining Scrypt. This knowledge will aid me in coming up time.

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