CoiniumServ - Progress update II

As you may know we are working hard to build our own in-house developed custom pooled mining server software CoiniumServ. The good news is that we are very near to the very first release and soon will be using it on our pools in order utilize it’s cutting edge features.

You can take a look yourself over the project page here;

Yet again make sure to check out following bonus videos;

Solo mining with CoiniumServ

Tech demo video showing a 3.5 MH/s scrypt connected to CoiniumServ and mining litecoin-testnet blocks


Source code visualization video

We have decided to use the awesome gource to visualize the history of CoiniumServ’s github repository and the output is fascinating!


gource howto - step 1 - fetch gravatars

 step 2 - run gource over coiniumserv code

 step 3 - render with ffmpeg


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