State of Bitcoin 2014 Report published a report called ‘State of Bitcoin’.  Here is the summary of the report;

Today, CoinDesk is pleased to release its first ever ‘State of Bitcoin’ report.

This report is not intended to be another guide answering the question ‘what is bitcoin?’, which we cover in detail elsewhere on our site. Instead, the main aim is to provide an overview of key cryptocurrency trends, challenges, and opportunities, while also highlighting the most important developments over the last year.

Earlier this week we published two articles on trends in bitcoin venture capital investment which drew analysis from the report, and additional articles will follow in the weeks to come. CoinDesk will also be presenting highlights from the report at the upcoming CoinSummit conference in San Francisco on 25th – 26th March.

As anyone who follows Bitcoin closely knows, this is an extremely fast-moving space – making the production of a comprehensive while still up-to-date report extremely difficult.

You can access the original report over Coindesk’s article.

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