Potcoin update online

Potcoin team released a new version wallet – We have upgraded our servers and you are strongly advised to upgrade your local wallet client too.

Coinium Potcoin pool: http://pot.coinium.org

Changelog [original]


May 23, 2014 4:20PM - Potcoin wallets and source code have been updated and pushed for a total of 24 commits to Github.com/potcoin. The new wallets run faster and we’ve resolved the issue with them not being able to sync; new DNS server and new seed servers all over the globe solved the issue.

If you have any problems or feedback please email us [email protected] email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1. DigiShield Solution

We would first like to thank the DigiByte guys for creating DigiShield. This is a great step towards preventing multi pools and attacks. Until now, we have been using the Kimoto Gravity Well and had to recently patch it. We feel that KGW was not performing to design and needed to be replaced. We are pleased to announce we are implementing the Digishield at the next update which will be at block 280,000.

2. Halving of the block rewards

The community has been discussing the halving of the block reward for a few months now and we had a wide range of responses. We decided to do a final survey and it was pretty clear that most everyone wanted to halve the block rewards asap. We will be starting the official halving starting at block 280,000 and the rewards will drop to 210 coins per block and it will continue to halve the same way every 280,000 blocks or every 130-140 days ( 4+ months )

  • 280k = 210
  • 560k = 105
  • 840k = 52.5
  • 1120k = 26.25
  • 1400k = 13.125
  • 1680k = 6.5625
  • 1960k = 4.2 FINAL


We have updated all of our websites, web wallets and android wallets to version openssl-1.0.1g. Many people have been asking about the Heart Bleed Bug and we understand your concerns. Even know it does not affect the wallet, we updated the SSL. When you open up your wallets now you can be sure that they are 100% safe.

4. LOGO & ICON UPDATE (Wallet)

We have updated all the Potcoin logos and icons across all wallet platforms - mac, pc, linux. You will see all the icon are no longer fuzzy and, we proudly display our newly adopted currency Symbol; P with Stroke. Ᵽ

Thanks to everyone in the community. Keep up the hard work!

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