Dogecoin 1.7 update online


Dogecoin team released a new version wallet – 1.7. We have upgraded our servers and you are advised to upgrade your local wallet client too.

Coinium Dogecoin pool:

Changelog - [original]

Dogecoin 1.7 is a complete re-architecture of the Dogecoin client, changing from using the Litecoin client as its base, to Bitcoin 0.9. It’s still Dogecoin, same Scrypt PoW algorithm, same reward schedule, but there’s a lot of changes under the hood.

For the full Bitcoin 0.9 changelog, please see


First and foremost, please note that downgrading from 1.7 to 1.6 is not trivial. 1.7 now uses Berkeley DB 5.1 as its default database (in place of 4.8), and as such may create database files which are incompatible with previous versions.

Rebranding to Dogecoin Core

Following in the footsteps of Bitcoin (Core), the Dogecoin reference client has been rebranded as “Dogecoin Core”. This helps separate its identity from Dogecoin (the network).


Where previously commands were sent to dogecoind by running “dogecoind “, 1.7 adopts the model from Bitcoin Core 0.9 where there is a separate “dogecoin-cli” executable which us used instead. This avoids the risk of accidentally trying to start two daemons at the same time, for example.

Fork detection

This version is able to detect forks and warn about them both in the GUI and through calling the alertnotify script when a sufficiently long or invalid fork occurs.

Changes from RC1

  • Change the amount input field step value to 1 DOGE
  • Update the splash screen
  • Update Chinese translation

General comments

For anyone running an exchange, please also note that in light of the 51% attack against Reddcoin last night, the Dogecoin developers now
recommend a minimum of 10 confirmations for payments into an exchange.


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