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not understanding the earnings

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ok so i have been mining on various pools for a while now but i noticed something just now that is confusing me and i cant help but wonder whats up….


first let me say im mining between 3.5-4m on catcoin. the pool total hashrate is about 18m. I have the most shares done in the pool at this time and have had the most shares since the newest block was found. That block was found by me….i have the highest hashrate in the pool….and the other miners dont have high hashrates (about half of mine for the first 2 then drops off greatly to a few hundred kh/s) yet all i got from finding the block and hashin away was a little over 1.5 coins. Thats 1.5 out of 50 total. Theres not alot of miners here and when competing with a 10m hasher i got 15 coins and change out of 50 and the total pool hash rate was over 30m so why did i get so few being the one that found the darn block and have the highest hash rate in the pool??? it might sound like im bitchin but when more hashers were mining on the pool and people had the same speed i do and more (1 dude had 10m like i said) i got so many more coins then i did when theres barely ne hashing power and no one has ne thing close to mine at the time the block was found/solved. is this normal???




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supply your pool username so we can check the stuff.

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