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Vardiff really high

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Hey man, i know the dogepool uses variable difficulty, but mine is at like 512 for both of my miners, while there only hashing at 1.6 mh/s a piece. it just seems kinda high to me, anyway i can get it tuned down to like 256 or maybe 384 or something ? Just wondering how much its effecting my share rate. When i first starting mining with your pool my estimated earnings were like 25k, but with a stupid high diff its like 15k which is pretty low. Should i tune down my miners to get a lower diff ? A slight power tune will drop my diff to 256. I hate to play that game, but if it can be avoided i would much appreciate it. uname is DingBat. Thanks man




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I'm in the same situation. I currently represent 1/3 of the hashrate of Catcoin and my difficulty is set higher than the network difficulty (400-500) on all of my workers. It takes me over a minute to complete a share. While this is okay during the 10 minute to 2 hour blocktimes, it is not good when the block time is less than a minute when the multi-poolers hit the network during low difficulties. This VARDIFF scheme guarantees them 36 uncontested blocks every cycle. Please allow option to set difficulty manually until catcoin's difficulty problem is mitigated. VARDIFF under 100Mh is pointless IMO.

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I'll be investigating the issue.


Doge is a random rewarding coin, the estimates mostly doesn't hit the real ones. (Doge rewards 1 to 500,000 coins per block randomly).


Vardiff isn't related to network diff and completely different. Vardiff helps to lower down the load of pool servers by targeting a share per miner for given number of seconds. So basically with vardiff, our pools gets a share from miners approx. around every 15 seconds which helps us to lower the consumed resources of stratum servers.

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