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Announcing the 1 GH/s contest!

Here at we have been trying our best to bring #1 mining experience with our custom software stack and newly upgraded hardware. It’s now time to bring in more hash-power and we have started...

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The State of Alternative Cryptocurrency

The State of Alternative Cryptocurrency: An Introduction to the Alternative Cryptocurrency Scene, Its Inner Workings & NobleCoin Moving Forward A Quote from the Founder: Please let me state I am not good at arguing...

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Digibyte Block Finder Bonus on!

We have set block-finder bonus for our Digibyte pool!  From now own, the block-finders will be getting additional 25 DGB’s credited to their account! Hop into our pool to start claiming your bonus DGB’s!

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Dogecoin: Incorrect payments issue fixed

Yesterday (23.04.2013) we had an issue caused by a rare problem that affected a specific payment task by our Dogecoin pool. The problem was caused by the coin daemon reporting a successful transaction where actually...

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Noblecoin Block Finder Bonus on!

We have set block-finder bonus for our Noblecoin pool!  From now own, the block-finders will be getting additional 25 NOBL’s credited to their account! Hop into our pool to start claiming your bonus NOBL’s!

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New Noblecoin pool up!

We have opened a Noblecoin pool -  Stratum EU: stratum+tcp://  Stratum US: stratum+tcp:// PORT: 3342 Username: Weblogin.Worker Password: Worker Password What is Noblecoin?   About Noblecoin Scrypt-based 60 second block target Difficulty re-targets every block (multipool...

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Hardware stack update: Servers upgraded!

We are doing our best to make and it’s pools provide the best user experience for mining alt-coins. After our latest revamp on our software-stack, today we have started upgrading our hardware-stack too. We will...

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More exchanges added!

We have added even more exchanges to our list of supported ones, so that our coin price & market data will be more precise.  List of newly added exchanges; MintPal SwissCex AllCoin Coin-Swap UseCryptos...

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Litecoin update: v0.8.7.1

We have updated our Litecoin pool to v0.8.7.1. Please make sure you update your clients too.  The update implements fixes for heart bleed bug and more. You can read the release log over here.