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Pool frontend updates

Further increased site security. Re-enabled notifications on our pools Added new feature: email notifications on user actions You can emails now on successful login. Removed mini login box. Added graphs to pool-frontends too. Pool...

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IRC bot online!

Our IRC bot is online now in our #coinium channel. Type !commands to get a list of all commands or check our info topic.

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E-mail issues fixed

We are aware of the mail system issues which we have a temp. problem and currently looking for a fix. You can read our detailed explanation on the issue here. Update: We started using...

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New pool manager interface!

We have been long working on brand new pool manager interface and we are happy to introduce it! Please don’t hesitate to send your ideas & bug reports!

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Web-server upgraded!

We’ve configured a new web-server with more horse-power and atm moving our sites to new server gradually & on-the-fly. You shouldn’t be expecting any down-times.

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Catcoin: Hardfork changes

We’ve closed registrations in order to make sure we don’t get %51 of the network hash-power and cause another fork. Registrations will be opened back once stuff gets fixed and network hash-rate is distributed...