The State of Alternative Cryptocurrency

If you are new to mining & crypto currency community, make sure to check this great read from NobleCoin community first!


An Introduction to the Alternative Cryptocurrency Scene, Its Inner  Workings & NobleCoin Moving Forward 

First off I would like to state that these are personal views and in no way do I assume to know everything or be infallible. My ‘analysis’ is based purely on personal experiences and observations made within the alternative cryptocurrency scene since we released NobleCoin (NOBL) and gained a greater understanding of its ‘inner workings’. Working consistent sixteen hour days, building and providing services, watching dozens of coins come and go monthly as well as talking to hundreds of insiders and newcomers weekly has solidified my views. However, I more than welcome criticism and feedback and continuously search for information from more sources; there are a number of very intelligent and informed members of the community I highly respect hope to hear from. I do not want this to be the first and final version of this paper.

Making these comments, as I do often but less formally, will immediately draw fire from many people and make this ‘piece’ a strong target for personal insults and attacks. I do not enjoy arguing points; what I do enjoy is presenting my point of view and then being presented with alternative points of view. They are taken in, critically analyzed, pondered on through my own subjectively tinted glasses, recognized and then incorporated into any response if I choose to make one. I humbly ask you to simply apply some critical thinking what I am presenting here, do further research, reading and watching and make up your ownmind. I expect I may be wrong on a number of points: these will be pointed out to me and adjusted for following versions. For disclosure sake, I founded NobleCoin (NOBL) (falls under ‘community coin’ flavour) and know that I hold a sizeable amount. I have tried to keep any conflict of interest out of this except for Part IV, but at times I do use NOBL as an example as it is the coin I obviously have the most experience with.

Download (PDF, 519KB)

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