Newsletter II - New pools, rewards and more!


We are pleased to share our second newsletter about changes and exciting new stuff from our alt-coin mining network We have many stuff to cover so let’s get started!

Upgraded hardware stack!

We are doing our best to make provide the best user experience for mining alt-coins. After our latest revamp on our software-stack, we have upgraded our hardware-stack too which now makes it possible to have even more pools & hashpower!

Brand new pools!

With the latest hardware upgrades, we already started extending our network with new pools; DarkcoinVertcoinNoblecoin and Litecoin!  The best news is that we will be keep adding even more soon!

darkcoin-logo vertcoin-logo noblecoin-logo litecoin-logo

Bonus rewards for block finders!

We are trying to push the limits for our miners and we have setup rewards & contests for DogecoinNoblecoin and Digibyte pools!

From now on our pools will be rewarding bonus coins to miners that find new blocks and we’ll be also setting similar rewards for the rest of the pools too!


Interesting reads from our blog

Here is a few of the latest interesting reads & stuff from our blog;

Get started now!

We are proud to be the #1 alt-coin mining network that utilizes its own software stack to improve mining experience and now with our latest hardware upgrades and new pools, we are ready for even more hashpower!

Go and navigate now to get started!

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