Crypto-Currency 2014 Convention

The Crypto-Currency Convention is one of the key instruments for bringing Awareness and Acceptance while supporting collaborative Innovation within the Crypto-Currency Community. Regardless of previous Education or Exposure to Crypto Currency such as Bitcoin, The Crypto Currency Convention is the best place to get up to speed and promises to be an experience You will remember forever.


The Vision
Our Vision is to bring the world’s leaders and visionaries under one roof, developing and evolving the dynamic game changing technology that has birthed Crypto Currency. This gives the general public or simply curious an opportunity to get their information and education directly from the source. Win/Win

The Meeting
New York City. April 9th, 2014. The Mission of The Crypto Currency Convention is to bring awareness and acceptance to all Crypto Currency and provide the necessary education and exposure for adoption.

The Technology
Often, due to Satoshi’s description of Bitcoin as “Cash for the Internet”, currency is the most common understood application. At The Crypto-Currency Convention, you will discover why the pioneers and experts are so excited about the other uses of the blockchain and how its already changed the world.

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