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New front-end online!

Improved For the last month, we have been working on our custom web software that sums all statistics from our pools stack. As you may know we were already running a simple system...

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USDE update: 1.0.4

We have updated our USDE pool to 1.0.4. Please make sure you update your clients too.  The update implements some fixes for KGW. An up-to-date block-chain explorer is available over

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Mooncoin update: 1.862.1

We have updated our Mooncoin pool to 1.862.1. Please make sure to update your clients too.  The update implements some fixes for KGW. An up-to-date block-chain explorer is available over

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New stats site preview II - Pools

We are further working on our upcoming new stats-site as we mentioned earlier and we wanted to push another update on the status. Homepage The new homepage will feature a detailed table of our...

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USD-E pool updated to v1.0.3

We have updated USDE pool to v1.0.3 which you are advised for so too. The change will take effect as of block 107500.

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Server software stack updates

We have applied quick hot-fixes to our server instances and upgraded the software stack. During the maintenance period, we had to restart some of the instances, though downtime was around 5 minutes for the...

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Dogecoin v1.6 update

We have updated our dogecoin pool to latest version 1.6. The hard-for the update will happen in block 145,000. You are strongly advised for updating your local wallets too. Highlights No longer a random...