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Update your wallet software

We have applied a batch of wallet software updates on our servers with the latest versions of them. You are advised to update your local client softwares too;  Darkcoin 9.10.2 -  Earthcoin 1.3.1 -  Hirocoin -  Litecoin -

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Earthcoin 1.1 update

We have updated earthcoin daemon to 1.1 and had to restart stratum servers during. Although this is not a mandatory update, you are advised to installed new Earthcoin 1.1 client. After the update, your windows-qt client...

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Get ready for x2 EAC payouts!

As of block 18720, the EAC network will be rewarding x2 coins! Direct your miners to stratum+tcp:// or stratum+tcp:// to get ready!

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Stratum hotfix applied for Earthcoin pool

Earthcoin is a coin that uses transaction messaging and it was causing issues with many pool that was under performing without a specific patch. Today we patched our Earthcoin stratum server and while the...