Services Roundup

Here is a quick summary of what we are up to and working on;

  • Opened our new blog & news site over Working on integrating our pools news & announcements subsystem with the news site.
  • Moved FAQ to
  • Re-developing our own in house- pool-manager interface ( from stratch.
  • Will be moving support forums to
  • We’ll be soon creating new coin-pools, the first one will be a Litecoin one.

Crypto News;

  • Dogecoin is getting ready for it’s next release 1.6, which will feature fixed amount of 250,000 Dogecoin’s. We’ll be upgrading our pool once the update is ready.

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  1. March 15, 2014

    […] we have mentioned in previous posts, we are working on a brand new stats-site for our pool network (actually re-coding the pool-manager […]

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