Service & Updates Roundup

We have been lately pushing hard to improve our service. Here’s a roundup from last few weeks on what we have done.

News & Announcements Updates

We’ve improved our news and announcements functionality. You can now access all the news & announcements from our pools over here. We’ll be soon pushing a few more updates soon with better design for news page. The old system was using forums for news & announcements and it was a bit hard to keep communicating. The new system is much better and from now on you’ll be hearing more from us!

Server Stack Update - 6. Instance

We have added a new server instance to our stack to further improve the quality of our services. With the addition, we have now 6 server instances running behind the scenes for & pools.

Pool Frontend Design

We have redesigned our pool frontend’s UI which now on uses our own custom template & code.


What’s next?

Last month we were quite busy improving our infrastructure and improving our code & implementing new ideas & features. Additionally with the cat-coin fork-fests, we had devote a quite large time to fight with the block-chain forks. In the upcoming days we’ll posting a detailed explanation about the issues and we’ll be fixing the last few bits with catcoin forks. Please stay tuned.


Meanwhile we are developing our own stack of stratum server software which has been delayed for a while (for fixing our systems & improving the infrastructure). We have now a bit more time to devote into the project and we have a few ideas to throw into the stack. You can watch the development process over here.

Todo List

We already have huge list of TODO’s which have been clearing lately, but we have still more throw onto the table. We want to note that instead of opening more pools, we are completely focused on improving our stack and this will continue for so a while. Once we are all good, we’ll be pulling out more new pools!

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