Hardware stack update: Servers upgraded!

We are doing our best to make coinium.org and it’s pools provide the best user experience for mining alt-coins. After our latest revamp on our software-stack, today we have started upgrading our hardware-stack too.

We will be progressively restarting our servers and upgrading them on the fly. For each, the expected down-time is around ~10 minutes and during the process we will be making sure that the network & mining service is up.

The process consists of applying new hardware upgrades to our stack which includes;

  • Enterprise grade SSD drives!
  • Double the RAM!
  • More bandwidth

We will be announcing the details of the process over here and on our twitter account. You can also watch the process over our server status page.

Update: All servers upgraded!

6/6 Servers Upgraded.

  • Database servers: 2/2 upgraded.
  • Stratum servers: 2/2 upgraded.
  • Web server: 1/1 upgraded.
  • Wallet server: 1/1 upgraded.



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