Announcing the 1 GH/s contest!


Here at we have been trying our best to bring #1 mining experience with our custom software stack and newly upgraded hardware. It’s now time to bring in more hash-power and we have started rewarding our miners with bonus coins!

The good news is that now it’s our Dogecoin pool’s turn for bonus rewards for block-finders! Starting with 1250 bonus Doge’s, our miners whom find a Dogecoin block will get rewarded bonus Doge’s until we hit 1 GH/s hashpower on our pool.

The bonus rewards will be as following;

  • 0 MH/s to 250 MH/s - 1250 Doge’s per block!
  • 250+ MH/s to 500 MH/s - 1000 Doge’s per block!
  • 500+ MH/s to 750 MH/s - 750 Doge’s per block!
  • 750+ MH/s to 1000 MH/s - 500 Doge’s per block!

Getting Started

Point your browser to our Dogecoin pool and start with registering. You’ll be able to find the detailed instructions to get started here.

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