Catcoin Pool Block-chain Fork Issues

We had an un-expected accident today in the pool. During the day, lots of miners have joined our pool which basically made it to control more than %51 hashpower of the entire catcoin network. (Simply our pool forked the blockchain or in other words runned it’s own version of blockchain apart from the catcoin network).

The blockchain fork caused our pool to find it’s own blocks and commit them in our transactions databases which are not accepted by the catcoin network and actual catcoin blockhain. To fix the issues, we had to delete those incorrect off-blockchain blocks & associated transactions for them.

Note that this isn’t the very first time happened in cat-coin network, where a few weeks ago, also had a similar block-chain fork and they also had to delete those incorrect blocks & transactions.

We want emphasis we didn’t had any control on the block-chain fork and sorry for our miner’s lost shares but as the pool actually didn’t get any rewarded CAT’s for those incorrect blocks, we don’t have any ways to pay them. (The pool can’t pay for something that doesn’t exist on it’s wallet).

Update: Further explanation about the block-chain fork by one of the coin’s developers here.

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