Catcoin network bug & v0.9.1.1 update

An attack happened against Catcoin last night which eventually caused a series of bugs to affect the network. We quickly stopped Catcoin payments & cronjobs based on the feedback & request of the Catcoin’s developers. We are still waiting for a proper fix to be implemented and once so will be applying it to our Catcoin pool.

Until the fix is applied you are adviced to stop mining.

Devflash I

We’ve asked all the miners and pools to do a temporary emergency stop mining/stop trading.

It looks like we were attacked a bit ago, possibly with a time-warp attempt.  Initial debug info suggests the attack was not successful.  Unfortunately it tripped a code bug that triggered a divide by zero condition and our diff is stuck at or near zero.

We are working on a code fix now and will certainly fix the divide by zero problem, but also hope to adjust the PID so we can get things moving better and stay out of the low-diff periods.

We will set a new check-point and will very likely roll the block count back to nullify the attack and insta-mine blocks that happened after the attack.

More/better news when we’ve got it.

Devflash II

Just a quick update.  The programmers have the divide by zero problem fixed.  It looks like we were hit with a time-warp attack and it looks like all the bad blocks were rejected.  This would have been a non-event if we didn’t have the divide by zero glitch.

Since we have to fork, the guys are working on some adjustments to the PID as well.

More facts when we’ve got them.

Devflash III

Version is released for self-compile.
Windows and MAC wallets to follow tomorrow! MANDITORY UPDATE! You MUST at least reindex your wallet to get on the right fork!


We have compiled the version v0.9.1.1 and updated our pool. As the update reverted the network back to the last known working state before the attack & bug happened, we had to delete the blocks that belonged to incorrect chain.

Update II

Binary wallets are available for download;

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